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ICO Soultions is a team of professionals with rich experience in IT, Financial, Legal, Marketing, PR and crypto spheres.


We offer a full range of services for blockchain integration into your business. We also help our clients to run their own ICO/ITO campaigns



ICO/ITO consulting
Blockchain integration
We can help you to start to use the blockchain technology in your business
Our services

ICO as a fundraising tool is best suited for projects

which can offer the following tokens:


-Tokens backed by physical assets, which can be used by token holders as a consumable or useful product – internal credits to be spent within the system, etc.


-Tokens providing their holders unique price offers: discounts for products and services


-Tokens offering their holders access to unique products: licenses to specific software, access to nonpublic communities and memberships, etc.




- Developing of token offering concept

- Creation of all documentation needed for your project

- ICO webpage with all obligated functionality creation

- Token and smart contracts development

- International PR and Marketing campaigns performance

- Token listing on exchanges

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